About Me

Hey friend!

I am so glad you’re here!

Do you want your child to learn more than just their letters and numbers? Do you want them to learn about God’s love for them?

My name is Marlindy and I am a lover of Jesus, wife to Mr. Amazing, and mama to two precious boys (4 years old and 2 years old).  As a former elementary teacher, I’ve always had a love and passion for teaching. When I had kids of my own, I knew I wanted to instill in them both a love of learning and a passion for Christ.  However, all of my professional training could not prepare me for the rollercoaster of parenting.  I had so many questions.  How do I start teaching my kids about the Bible?  What are the best resources?  I still don’t have it all figured out.  I hope you will come along with me on my journey of being intentional about sharing the gospel with the little people in my life that God has so graciously entrusted me with.

This website is designed to give you ideas about ways to weave God’s truths into everyday learning.  I believe that as parents we are our child’s first and most important teacher.  Parenting is hard work.  As our children grow and learn, so do we.  I hope that this website gives you encouragement to teach your child about God’s love in the everyday moments.  If we want our child to grow in God’s word, we must also grow.  My prayer is that we will grow in our walk with Christ right alongside them as we cultivate a love for Jesus.